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Mind, Body, & Soul Alignment

Ready for Change?

Personalized coaching sessions in-person or virtually to help busy individuals prioritize their health and well-being. This comprehensive service provides the confidence and support you need to overcome your challenges. If you are ready to improve your health and add balance to your life, take a big step towards your best health and well-being by reaching out for a free consultation today!

My Approach

How it starts...

Session 1: Free Consultation
The purpose of this sessions to establish familiarity, current health status, & identify your general concerns/goals.
Session 2: Road Map
The purpose of this session is to clearly identify your goals, desires, and what is going to motivate you to keep moving forward. We will map out when, where, & how you want to reach your goals.
Session 3+: Follow Ups
The purpose of these sessions will be to check-in on your progress. We will discuss what is working vs what goals or habits need adjusting moving forward.

Transform Your Health

Let's do this! Below you will find your transformation package options. With all the packages, you will have the option to meet in-person or virtually. Each in-person or virtual session will be a maximum of 45 mins. How we keep in touch in between sessions will also be based on your selection. A minimum of six consecutive months are recommended for best results. We will review each transformation package offering in detail at the end of your free consultation.

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